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In 1969 my parents presented me with a wooden wheeled oak & mahogany skateboard with pre-baseplate Chicago Trucks. On its bottom, my dad painted the menacing eyeballs and teeth of the ocean’s most feared predator. I was convinced that I was the only six-year-old in the world who owned such a cool board. By early 1975 I had upgraded to a psychedelic green & yellow fiberglass Wayne Brown kicktail with X-Calibers and Stoker wheels. Over the next 30-plus-years, I’ve ridden hundreds of skateboards straight through every major milestone of my life. These boards and their iconic deck graphics serve as a visual reminder of each life milestone for me.

The Sk8ology Deck Display concept was developed to allow skateboarders, collectors, fans and artists, to exhibit their skateboards as pieces of art. Don’t let your collection of prized skateboard decks collect dust in a closet, showcase and celebrate them as works of art! 

Sk8ology Display System was created to showcase the art of skateboarding.

Mark Schmid
CEO, Sk8ology

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